Monday, October 31, 2011

33, Behind and Ahead

    I’ve been thinking about writing of late but have done little of it (other than the considerable amount required for my classes). However, watching the clock strike midnight, in a very cold Economics lab, I grow older, 33 to be exact, and I’m taken by an overwhelming urge to tear words from within, if only a few.
    Looking back over the time that’s passed since my trip south was interrupted by school, there have been some ups and downs. Readjusting to school life took a bit more time than anticipated but I’m now, more or less, back on page. My issues with court were resolved on the 10th appearance. What I was told would be a trial had become yet another plea deadline. Unwilling to miss anymore class for such crap, I took a deal which saw four charges (including aggravated assault on an officer and felony reckless endangerment) dropped while pleading no contest to disorderly conduct (30 days unsupervised probation with all court cost taxed to the state, ($1,500)).  When Judge Robert Cupp asked the criminal court DA, Dennis Brooks, why all the charges were being dropped (while itemizing them) he responded that after listening to a copy of the preliminary hearing,(in which I represented myself and, though persistent in asking, have never been provided with a working copy of its audio), he had come to the conclusion that I wasn't guilty of any of them. Indeed, I was not, nor was I guilty of disorderly conduct, but fighting them was costing my GPA and it couldn’t stand their assault. This concession has left me a bit discouraged but school keeps me moving, so I don’t think too much about it.  
                                       Looking Forward to my Return to Argentina,
   I eagerly anticipate the start of this year’s Dakar Rally , which I have found begins on January 1st,, just south of Buenos Aries. There is perhaps some opportunity in this and I am trying to use my blog to help secure a press pass. The Rally lasts 14 days, passing through Chile and concluding in Lima, Peru. Following and documenting such an event could be an extraordinary thing and I hope to make it happen.
   Here is to 33, I made it.                                                                                                              –Izzy
P.S.   There is much footage from the trip in need of editing, for which I have not the time, but here is a brief video consisting of snippets taken from 10 odd minutes in Peru, ending with what was likely the closest death came while on the road. Be warned, there is some profanity, but you will understand once you see the video. 


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