Monday, August 29, 2011

The trip continues.

    Following a 24 hour, 1,200 mile marathon finish of a Latin American journey I found myself boarding my flight with only minutes to spare, leaving the BMW wrapped with a tarp in the airport parking lot . What had spanned 2 months and covered 13,000 miles was at an end and I was ambivalent in my emotional response. What was I leaving and to what exactly was I returning? These questions still weigh heavy in my mind as I scurry around the campus of UTC attempting to meet with professors and straighten out schedule conflicts. The precipitous shift in setting is somewhat overwhelming and I'm uncertain whether I am happy or discouraged to be back home. Though I wrestle with my current state of reality in these familiar but somehow alien surroundings, it's clear that this place hasn't changed at all, I, however, surely have. 
    Maintaining this blog has been a great source of comfort for me during the course of my trip. Seeing the followers and hits grow helped reinforce belief in myself, a belief which at times in my life has faltered. So, being as there is still much yet to say and show of my trip, over the coming days I will carry on sharing parts of it with you. I hope you will continue following my exploits, for although my nearest motorcycle is 8,000 miles removed, my uncertain ride continues.


  1. "The farther one travels, the less one knows." -The Beatles.

    I'm glad you had a life changing experience my friend. I've more than enjoyed living vicariously through your excursion. Do indeed keep us posted and may the wind always be at your back.

  2. These adventures have been incredible! Part of coming home from such a trip and getting re-integrated involves reverse culture shock issues. As you continue to think through your journey there in the midst of things here, may you be able to listen intently, make sense of some of it, find peace... and enjoy those incredible moments you've experienced!!