Saturday, August 13, 2011

What to do?

Here is a post I made on the adventure rider website a few minutes ago
-I'm in Cuzco, 700 miles from Lima (the closest bmw shop that I'm aware of) and the wheel bearings which I replaced in Costa Rica are failing. I am/was on my way to Bolivia and don't wish to return to Lima but my attempt to locate the bearings here today didn't pan out and I don't know what to do. Even if I decide to backtrack there are long desolate stretches between here and Lima which would be awful to break down in. I'm tired, frustrated and in need of help.


  1. I hope someone comes through with some bearings for you! Besides that, is there anything those of us stateside can do to help???

  2. Maybe telephone the BMW motorcycle dealer in Peru if possible and ask for advice on getting parts and installation in Cuzco or nearby. Would not chance the ride back to Lima on the bike.BMW Motorrad Importer

    Automotores Gildemeister Perú S.A.
    Javier Prado este 5535 La Molina , Lima
    +511 617-9750

  3. Hoof it! If your body breaks down, you will have an easier time fixing it. :)

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