Friday, July 22, 2011

Escape from San Jose, Take Two

   I am officially out of Costa Rica! After another costly repair of a part due for replacement at about 100,000 miles(The bike had 99,350 on it) I departed San Jose yesterday in the early afternoon. The mountains in southern Costa Rica proved chilly and I was happy to reach flat ground and warmer temperatures.After a clear night under the stars, this morning I was stopped for speeding for the first time during the 4,500 miles thus far, the cops were on a massive straightaway hidden behind trees next to a sign with children on it and a 25kph speed limit. I was clocked at 115kph , the policeman shook his head as he said mucho , mucho and pointed out the sign which I hadn't even reached. He told me that the fine would be $600.00. After a while his buddy(riding a BMW too) spoke to him and he let me go with a warning. Aside from the close call with the hidden Federali's there was even further good fortune today, crossing the Panamanian border proved to be a breeze, I spent less than one hour there, which must surely be some kind of Central American record.
   The roads here are rather nice and I was able to manufacture some time(if you follow my meaning) this Afternoon, which is good, it's a long stretch to Panama City and I need to be there early in the morning to sort out the details of shipping my bike to Bogota. After the week long ordeal in San Jose I'm having to fly the motorcycle to South America, this more costly but far quicker than a boat ride.
   It's now time to blow this Mcdonalds and ride into the night. Panama city is about 120 miles ahead and it will be fun trying to use every drop of gas in getting there(they drain the tank before loading on the plane)

On a side note, but very much related to my adventure, I wish to publicly thank my cousin and friend,  Jimmy Burkhardt who threw down a passel of cash to help with the repairs to the BMW. The bike is now running perfectly and my journey to Argentina continues


  1. Good luck on the rest of your adventure Israel. To steal a phrase from Sonny and Cher; "And the Beat Goes On."

  2. safe travels Israel


  3. So, I don't get it. Why are you flying your bike to Bogata. Are there no roads to Columbia?


  4. No roads, only jungle, rain, leftist guerrillas, drug cartels and big fat snakes.