Monday, July 11, 2011

Honduras, a weekend of firsts.

   Following A painful shakedown at the Guatemalan/Honduran border I enjoyed a terrific stay at the Caserio Valuz, an amazing inn by any standard. Those of you that know me well are aware of my love for driving and machinery. So when Jorge E. Valle-Aguiluz, my couchsurfing host in Honduras, and proprietor of the inn, offered me use of his micobus this weekend, I jumped at the opportunity. Along with being my first time behind the wheel of this sort of VW , I also experienced my first Catholic mass(complete with deranged heckler and stray perros) and first meal in a mud hut(light provided by candle).
   My five day tourist visa is up today and I'll be making my way to Nicaragua and what may very well be another torturous border crossing. I hope the miles afterwards pass quickly though as I need to be at the Panama canal by the weekend to search for passage to Colombia. Hopefully I'll develop sea legs along the way.