Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Just when I thought I was out.......San Jose pulled me back in.

    This morning was fabulous, blue sky's hung overhead, scrambled eggs filled my breakfast plate, and great news made it to my email, the bike was ready. I hurriedly packed my luggage and took an excruciating, traffic jammed, cab ride over to the ritzy part of town (complete with a new national stadium, funded by China) and happily paid the silly $15 fare (there is only one cab company in town). My good humor grew even greater after I saw the my bimmer glimmering clean. Aside from the new clutch and starter work, the guys in the service department at Motocicletas Bavarian had really cleaned her up (from left to right, Adrian, Izzy, Adolfo, Alexander).
   After fully loading the bike and saying my goodby's, I hit the road. Not far into my ride I noticed a bit of vibration but thought that it was simply the knobby tires, or a side effect of the new clutch. Surely it was all in my head. I briefly considered turning around but thought that if there was indeed something wrong it would become more clear with time. Once I reached the mountains, about 25 miles away from the dealership, it became very apparent that the vibration was becoming worse, to the point of making noise. I pulled over and this is what I saw.
 Following a cathartic yawp (which was unsuitable for tender ears), I pulled a card from my passport and called Adolfo. After an hour or so, Alexander and another fellow arrived and helped me to load my injured BMW onto a trailer and we then returned to San Jose.
   The preliminary diagnosis is wheel bearing failure, however, the impetus of this is as of yet, unknown. Unfortunately they don't have the wheel bearing kit in stock, so my departure from San Jose is.... UNCERTAIN

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  1. Hopefully this will be resolved soon, as I know you are anxious to be on your way. Thankfully, you remain safe and were near enough to the repair shop when the failure occurred; a seemingly small but probably large blessing.