Thursday, June 30, 2011

From the Mire to the Pavement: Wall of Voodoo....Economics

     Preparing the video for this post has proven to be a challenge. From sifting through hours of footage to dealing with a poor internet connection, the editing and publishing processes have been a struggle. Though, in the end, I feel it offers a good representation of what my days on the road in Mexico have been like.
     Internet will be hard to come by in Central America and therefore my posts will be infrequent. In the research for my trip it was made clear that in C.A. corruption is pervasive, roads are unmarked and boarders, infuriating. As I travel the next 1000 miles or so through Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama, your thoughts are appreciated. I hope to make it to Colon, Panama in under a week, allowing plenty of time for the search of a boat which will take me around the Darien Gap to the shore of  Colombia. 

   FYI, the bat is a stick and the ball a sock. Enjoy.


  1. Awesome video. Playing baseball with the locals must have been a blast. You said the drivers were horrible, but I couldn't help notice you passing a bunch of vehicles on a double yellow. :) Good luck down there man.

  2. But I didn't run anyone off the road. You can break the rules and still be a good driver.The Double yellow here is kind of a suggestion anyway.

  3. awesome job Izzy. so glad the camera is working ok. btw, you CAN break the rules and still be good. safe travels.