Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sams Wholesale, part of the Cartel? Israel Gillette, a spy? Mexican flag sticker, idiot proof?

OK, for those of you following this, pay attention as future posts (they'll be fun) will build on information parlayed here.   @ FYI the white and green trucks, which were innumerable in town, are loaded with m16 toting police. All paid for courtesy of the US government. "Helping to add Police to every State". 


  1. loose the lens condom - it obscures the image and i doubt it is providing much protection.

  2. I took it off and after the first rain condensation accumulated behind the lens. i hope it will evaporate, however, I may have to take it apart.

  3. I spent a night in jail in Mexico for not having the right paperwork. It wasn't that bad. Once you get past the checkpoint nobody will care.