Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A truckload of illegals

    Though I was expressing concern in the video, this encounter proved quite innocuous. Only one of the workers spoke English (broken to say the least) but it was apparent he didn't care that I was there. Rather, he asked about my trip with a smile.  After packing up camp the boss arrived (almost an hour after the Mexicans) and was more pointed in his inquiry as to how I got in. I apologized and quickly departed just in time to pass the game warden who was making his way into the job site. Too late copper, too late!
    I find it humorous that the state park was essentially employing illegals to do their construction work. I certainly don't mind, it simply goes to illustrate the fact that politicians are full of $h!t. Their attempts at immigration reform do nothing to prevent employers (in this case the state) from utilizing cheap labor but only attack our already diminished, if not non-existent, civil liberties.


  1. its the encounters we want to see. not just the commentary. keep the camera on.

  2. love the view of the water.... where in TX was this?